Clothes for Breastfeeding

When I was pregnant, I was very thrifty with regards to buying my maternity clothes and any other stuff for this nine month course in my life. I would think of clothes for breastfeeding as unnecessary and expensive. But sometimes I do think that I was only moody at times when I feel I’ve had to deal with a lot of future motherhood concerns and blame all these pregnancy blues to myself. At that time I was only saving up for my baby paraphernalia and not for some nursing wear that I thought was the same with my regular blouse. I simply thought it was more comfortable to wear my husband’s sleep shirt and jogging pants. Sometimes, as a mom, you want to handle your budget wisely and only spend for the really useful stuff, especially those you know you won’t be needing for a longer time. I have repeatedly asked myself what I really wanted to wear during my pregnancy and what I was comfortable of.

Here are some of the opinions from other women I have read from an article online that I could relate to when thinking over about really having to buy my own clothes for breastfeeding.

Organic or synthetic?

If I had a choice, I would have gone braless most of the time because I felt the need to expose my breasts to a lot of air so as to give them room to breathe. I was able to read an article once about a woman who preferred to wear an organic bra which was a hundred percent made up of cotton because it gave her that feeling of space. I personally thought of this as true because I have tried a lot of Nursing bras and special nursing tank tops only to find that these “stylish” nipple holes, from underneath your “customized clothes for breastfeeding”, maternity designs were no different to accessing your breasts by easily pulling your organic bra up to provide milk to the baby. Some may have large breasts and may need more support but still I can say that they will only need to buy bigger sized cotton bras and feel exactly, if not, better than having the made-for-nursing ones. You only have to be aware that when you do breastfeeding, you must avoid wearing constricting clothes especially around your boobs so as not to block off the milk ducts.

Your body shrinks after labor

There are also experienced moms sharing their views on this matter that I took advices from without feeling guilty of not being abiding to proper maternity dress codes. It’s just true that when you give birth, your body starts to shrink, and to some, may even get back to its original thinner figure. This is why there’s really no need for me to shop for these kinds of clothing in the first place.

I had too much dresses and tops that still fit perfectly to my figure until my second trimester then I had a short three months left to wear the dreaded baggy ones but I was still satisfied and cozy. I thought it was just a short while and I can spend my cash to a new batch of my regular fashion clothes where my shrinking figure is the one that matters most now. As I continued nursing my baby, I still don’t feel like buying Clothes for breastfeeding. I have grown used to regular outfits that I can compare to be equally beneficial as the nursing tops that are more expensive. I think that what matters is wearing what you’re comfortable in irregardless of design or style.

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