Clothes for Tall Women

Clothes for Tall Women

It’s always been a great challenge for Tall women to find the right garments to buy for their “hard to Fit” frame. It makes their problem even worse when they go out to shop and find out that the store doesn’t carry the specific clothes for tall women in any of their department. Here is an article about a few wardrobe essentials that Tall women would like to seek out so as to make the most out of their height.


Designer or not, it really doesn’t matter in the stylish clothes for tall women. The thing is, when you’re tall, you might want to break up the illusion of a longer body when you dress up. One way to do this is to wear belts, especially the ones that are thick, colourful, to add a little bit of contrast to your figure, and larger than the usual.

Blouses or Jackets at waist length

Wearing these will make you appear to have an hourglass figure therefore drawing the viewer’s eyes on your shape and not on your height. The blouses or shirt must be tucked at your waist when donning jeans, to create a noticeable break between your legs and torso.


Flat shoes are the definitely a must for the tall woman, as this can make their foot look smaller. If you really can’t do away with heels you may wear one but you should limit it to 1 to about one and a half inch elevation. They are popularly called the kitten heels. You should also avoid the ones with a platform-like design as they can make your feet humongous.

Flattering skirts

Choose skirts that are one or two inches above the knee or at the knee level. Wearing longer skirts will emphasize a wider length of your legs. If you really want to put on the ones that exceed your knees, you can try the A line skirt, which has a flare design to break away from your lean straight vertical body. If you really go with pencil skirts, you can pair them with multi colored blouses so you would just have to trick the viewer’s eyes into a lot of contrasting colors and pay attention to your clothing style.

Knee High Boots

The knee high boots don’t just declare the grandheur of its beauty, but it really helps minimize the milestone legs of the bearer. It’s even more marvellous to pair it with the short short skirts.

 High Waisted Trousers

Ultra long frame definitely gets credit from the ultra long torso. The solution is to wear the high waisted trousers so as to shorten it. If you’re a fan of the skinny jeans, you can definitely tuck the seams of your pants into your boots without defeating the purpose of flaunting your lean legs. If you need to go on your daily workout routine or do your sports like tennis, you might as well go for the capri type pants preferably the ones made with cotton to have a softer silhouette therefore sticking in just the right amount of your lower body. There are a lot more good ideas you can find about the right kind of jeans when you search online for clothes for tall women at

Whether you are from the USA, or from any other country, fashionable or not, you just have to follow these steps in order to become the great deal that you already are. Being tall can be a wonderful thing if you only know how to play with your prints, colors and styles and realizing there can be more clothes for tall women like you.

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