Clothes Tall Women

In this article I am going to feature one of the more dramatic look for tall women that is the suit which can be the outfit for work or for the formal occasion. Any concerns about the Clothes tall women wear include this type of wardrobe.

A nice fitted jacket is always teamed up with a nice fitted skirt or pants. Same goes with all the other types of body, only the more effort goes with the taller women who should accentuate their already gigantic frame by having it embraced by the right kind of clothing silhouette and making it more appealing rather than boring as a matchstick. You can definitely look more elegant on your suit than you would expect with these points on wearing the right jacket and skirt or pants.

Let me start off with the appropriate jacket. Picture each tip to achieve the upper half of that tall body:

Any style for the jacket, black or patterned, should hang just below your waist. That should be the number one concern. It is never advisable for the tall woman to wear a jacket that is tighter around her waist or sits at or above it, because it gets your upper body way out of proportion to the lower one. Another design for you to get away from the longer and larger illusion is to have a lower neckline for your jacket. Remember that minimizing your look means showing less skin on your wardrobe. You should also consider getting the ones with three quarter sleeves to cut the wide lines revealing from your upper limbs. For the silhouette, you can take advantage of the patterns and not just stick with the usual black to make you get more of a fashion sense and a dramatic result. The horizontal patterns on your jacket push the attention away from your length. If you are more of a risk taker, you can use huge, colourful or shapely patterns just to put a bit of contrast but you always have to pair this style with a skirt or pants of a single color. Every design taken from the clothes tall women wear honor this very principle of contrast against a single color. You don’t have to try very hard in mixing up pieces that are unnecessary for your ensemble and can only make you appear messed up.

In addition to the perfect pair of pants and the suitable skirt, these are some of the ideas you should keep in mind.  For your pants, you should always wear the high waisted ones so that your long torso is covered up accordingly. You may wear the mid waist type but never the low rise for the same reason. It is subtle to go with the black silhouette as this is the universal color in favour of all the kinds of body figures. Same monochrome idea goes for your skirt. Or if you long for the trendy clothes tall women must include in their image, you can have a bit of an embroidery on your skirt so as to break the plain look but be careful to somehow match it perfectly for the eyes that even your kid could not see any riot going on with your get up.

Finally for the shoes, any shades of color you wear, may it be light yellow, straw-colored, olive or even bamboo colored, always remember to make it complement the rest of your suit. Proportion is the key to having that distinct ensemble of the clothes tall women wear.

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