Jean Jackets for Women

I have always encountered a lot of challenges everytime I look for stylish petite jean jackets that fit to my body perfectly. I am shorter than 5’ and I have to have the right length so I won’t look like a hanger. I always search at websites carrying jean jackets for women hoping I could find one to purchase. I know that somewhere out there, there’s a figure flattering jean jacket that I can eventually own for myself. Here are some tips on how to deal with some concerns regarding petite jean jackets:

Issues on Traditional Jean Jackets

The usual types of jean jackets for women have a collar, two breast pockets, buttons on the cuffs and on the front. The petite figure wouldn’t benefit much from this traditional cut as this may prove baggy and large. For the regular size, this is very figure fitting as the seams line down generously on the front, under the breast pockets and down the back. The petite may prefer the sleeveless type so as not to worry any more about the sleeves hanging way over their limbs.

Look for the right fit

It’s a simple rule to find the right petite jean jackets for women on stores where the collection are focused at the petite frame, so as to fit you well. You can choose from a crop style of denim jacket or maybe a stretch one to allow a great body contour.

Familiarize the appropriate features of a petite denim jacket

The armholes found on petite denim jackets are positioned higher on the jacket. Because of this, there will be no excess or gap in fabric that you can be uncomfortable of feeling under your arms. You can avoid the boxy look you fear about. You may also notice that the shoulders are cut narrower as compared to the regular fit. Some even have adjustable side tabs so you can button them up for a more custom fit. You just need extra time to fit a lot of these jackets for a perfect purchase. Online stores offer the exact measurements in detail as well as the color and fabric composition so it will never be too hard for you.

Know where to buy

You don’t need to worry big time anymore as a lot of stores carry petite denim jackets collection that are fashionable, cheap and custom made to flatter the petite figure. I personally look at the Old Navy site. You can find the traditional jean jacket but in petite sizing which is very good. The jacket is made to hang exactly at the level of the hips, the arm openings are higher and the shoulders are narrower.

I think that shopping for jean jackets for women online can provide a better selection for you. I have had tiring experiences where I went to a department store and wait for the store clerk to look for my size somewhere in an archive of old petite denim jacket stocks. This may be due to the fast product sell outs of the store as they hurry to place in new ones appropriate of the seasonal trends updates. In online stores you can look right away on what’s new in style thus saving you the hassle of looking up at piles and piles of jeans items.

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