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In this article, we will get to know more about the MEK jeans.This friendly pair of womens jeans are made with high quality fine fabrics and materials. Mek means “pulse”. These jeans are designed as such in order to uphold the unique and fashionable lifestyle for the modern man and woman. The trademark brand prides itself with hand-crafted jean details and signature marks. You won’t miss the “M” symbol on the pockets of each MEK jean product as this is nicely embroidered. These jeans are available in a wide range of colors, dark and light, and styles. This brand of jeans was started by a British Company under the same name which specialized in denim products in the early part of the 90’s and have since expanded its label to the USA and all over the world. Popular celebrities have been seen wearing the brand with such actresses as Katherine Heigl and Jamie Lynn Spears. You may think these line of jeans are a bit too heavy on the pocket as they are priced above 100 dollars, but you are sure to have a luxurious and perfect fit jeans experience. We are looking at a good fashion investment as some designer items but it’s all worth the spend if we get the rewarding comfort and absolute flatter for our bodies. But how do we get the perfect one? You may find the following very useful:

How to find the right fit?

It’s an excellent method to acquire your exact body measurements. You just have to know how to measure your hips and waist. You should know that the MEK jeans brand use inches, so you have to memorize your exact number. When you look at the manufacturer’s tag, the measurements are indicated in inches.

Conform to the standards

If you are able to list down your size, you need to convert your numbers to US standards measurements. If for example you have 33 inches for your hips and 25 for your waist, you can look up the store’s size chart and find you’re about a size10 in MEK jeans.

Look carefully for the inseam measurements

You can ask the store regarding the standard sizes for each body type as the inseams are made for such classes of body. There are specific numbers for these for the petite, regular, and tall sizes.

With all the measuring and standard sizing you can apply and think of, I always prefer to literally try the MEK jeans on. It’s essential to know your measurements but trying them on really answers to your prayers. Whether you get the item on a great inventory discount, or your stylist handpicked it for you, the best way to tell that you will look good is to trust your own feelings. To give you more help about the jeans, you can search online and read on the site forum to know how other people think about them.

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