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Wearing nursing dresses is always nice everytime you feel like dressing up when going to parties and looking great but some nursing mothers prefer to wear the more practical nursing tops for their everyday endeavors when they want to throw in a comfortable pair of jeans with them and still look gorgeous. Wearing a simple nursing top can still make you look cute at the mall while providing privacy when your baby latches on. You may or may not need a shawl or a drape to cover up but the important thing is that you will have direct access to your breasts through the oversized holes into the nursing pads and underneath.

Having a newborn is a great blessing in your life but it also brings great motherhood responsibilities. You may have to double your time as you will now be doing a lot of breastfeeding and diaper changes. This is where the significance of wearing maternity tops comes in. A Mother needs a customized nursing top to be able to properly provide her breastfeeding duties while enjoying the rest of her life’s pleasures. This type of nursing wear can offer both privilege to you as a mom. So the next time you go out and about with your friends, you don’t have to worry about exposing your breasts as there is a discreet method on how to feed your own milk to your baby.  Not yet convinced? Here’s a couple more ways to let you better understand the need to wear this kind of motherhood apparel:


A Nursing top is an upper body wear specifically designed to give privacy to breastfeeding mothers in public without letting them show their breasts. They can feed their babies with comfort while working on their other activities. It also relates to some other health issues such as helping to avoid mastitis brought about by an infection in the breasts which can be worsened by tight fitting brassieres or blouses. The outfit is also sized in wide measurements to accommodate even the plus sizes without giving that baggy feel.


 Feeling at ease with your clothing while doing your responsibilities definitely results from feeding your baby in public conservatively.  You may wear just any low cut neckline top to be able to allow your child to latch on but you may risk showing off a little more skin witch can be embarrassing to you and other people. The Nursing top has a specially cut out space in the bossom area where you can put nursing pads in for flowing milk and pull the breast holes aside to start feeding. You don’t have to raise your blouse up and mess around your wardrobe because of this easy access.


The pregnant woman’s breasts become enlarged and heavier during these times, thus, you should keep in mind that while the regular blouse is light, the nursing top is definitely the same but with more support as durable and protective elastic materials are included in the product. You will definitely find this ideal feature to be very worth the spend. You should favour the changing needs of your figure.


Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to go out of style. You don’t have to wear your big husband’s clothes and look ugly or fat. You can now dress to impress as a wide array of nursing tops are available out in the market. From different colors like black, opal, red, light yellow and any other interesting contrasts, to short sleeve– camisole types, and Henley tee tank styles, you are surely left with a lot of options to decide from.

Breastfeeding is made fashionable as department stores, boutiques and online maternity retailers now provide you with a lot of motherhood product lines. You can wear a simple nursing top paired with your preferred pair of jeans and you’re good to go. For online bargains, you can try to spot good coupons from Momzelle and bella mama.

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