Pants Tall Women

A lot of tall women really hate their height because they think it’s not only freaking the men out, but it is also a huge problem in terms of finding the right clothing “limbwise”, “torsowise” or anything concerning the length for pants or jeans. Women standing at 5’11 up or those supposedly having a size 8 to 20  have more difficulty especially when their large because then their clothes could either be customized or imported as this is hardly designed for a smaller population in the market compared to normal clothing. One obvious issue that should be dealt with by tall women everyday is how to pick the right jeans or pants at work or at any occasion. As awful as it sounds, there should be some tips on how to look for what’s appropriate for your type in this article Pants for Tall Women. Here are a few types of pants you might want to look out for or consider not to buy when out and about to shop.

Straight Leg Pants

The not too fitted and the not too wide pants is advisable when you look at the Tall Womens department. Always remember not to wear the oversized pants that will make you look even bigger than you already are.

Wide Leg Trousers

The wide leg trouser with a subtle flare fits most occasions. It could be a straight or a bootcut which you can pair up with ballet flats or round and square toe shape heels to minimize the look of your feet and downsize your overall gigantic look. Limit your style to a mid rise or high waist type as this will flatter your legs and make your torso look proportional to them. This type of jeans could be compared to the dress pants for tall women, which are also nice as they come in all cuts and shapes therefore giving you more choices and ways to challenge your tall frame.


These are absolutely one of the suited pants for tall women. Even at home or during your workout, you should feel good about yourself and definitely set aside your height problems. This type of pants could also flatter your frame as they are made of cotton and come in different colors and designs hugging your limbs in all the right places when you opt to create a slender and smaller illusion of your body as opposed to wearing the baggy ones.

Low Rise Jeans

It’s definitely a no brainer why you should stay away from these type of pants, as these can make your legs look shorter and your upper body appear taller. Your tall frame shouldn’t look anymore heavier than it feels, or if you couldn’t be satisfied with any other type, you may want to pick a softer material that is the leggings. They can be low rise but if you pair them with the right shirt or blouse you can steal that good fitted look.

Cropped Pants

The Capri pants, to be more specific will do your tall body a lot of favour. The petite figure usually do away from this type as this can cut the length of their legs and create a shorter illusion on their thighs. This is why you should be wearing this inorder to create a more balanced result on your legs.

So whatever hatred you have because of your height, you may want to weep no more, as the secret to your challenge is just about finding the right type of pants for your tall body. There are a lot more styles for the Lady pants you can find on the Pants for tall women online and you can even purchase on sale. Just remember to accessorize and pair yourself with a good escort and your good to go.

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