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Sometimes we girls realize that during a warm weather, we only need light jackets and what better way to wear than women jean jackets. These are perfect for cold early autumn endeavors. I always thought wearing one would make me look like a cowboy or a farmer but I was wrong. Nowadays, you can find that a lot of celebrities wear jean jackets and they still look fashionable. There are many styles and designs coming out in the market considering that the denim jacket has been around for decades way back before the biker clubs even started. Well if you’re not the one to go for these outfits, you may change your mind if you get to know more interesting styles or models that you can choose from these line of jackets.


Women jean jackets come in different forms. You can absolutely turn over a simple jacket just by choosing the right size and style such as cropped, the more popular boyfriend denim jacket and the military. Here are to name a few more of these styles I found very interesting as I search from one online store to the next:

Hinge crop

 It features two main buttons on the front at the chest area as closure, made from a partially distressed stretch material for a light-rinse.

A super cute Boyfriend Jean Jacket

It has two button chest pockets at the front. The fit is relaxed and there are two more flap pockets

A trench made from denim

It has lengthy notched lapels, a sharp back yoke, and mile stretch vent on the center. You’re sure to get second looks on this western duffle style that fits perfectly to your figure

Cropped jacket

A lot of button detailing caught my eye in this black jean design. It has cute button details at the front and back pockets, with button cuffs and a three button closure

Women jean jackets have always been very popular. They’re never out in the trend for a long time that’s why they are considered to be classic jackets. A lot of designer brands carry their own product ingenuity to the jean jackets that’s why not only the construction workers or the cowboys wear it to work. Even the famous play with this type of jacket. It’s not only fashion forward but very durable as well. It literally comes in the trademark DURA mostly worn by motorists. If you can’t really determine which one is for women and which one is for men, you can consider looking for these details in order to pick the right one for you. In male jean jackets, you will find that the button placket of the jacket is on the right side up. This is the first main difference in this kind of attire. Most of the time when you look at the materials listed on the tag, you will find that the  ladies jean jackets are made from lycra or spandex. The fabric for a woman’s clothing usually should allow for that perfect body hug of the garment and fit accurately to conform to her figure. The men may not need softer stretch as their bodies are not curvy. Ofcourse the men may prefer surplus items including their jackets, but it’s obvious enough to take note that theirs is larger and baggier. Other important details on the womens is that their sleeves are narrower and slimmer on the torso and it curves a bit towards the bottom.

So for whatever occasion you would like to wear your jacket, you can always stand out and shine. It should be easier for you to find them in wholesale stores as well as online. Women jean jackets will surely be around for many more fashion eras.

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