Women Plus Jeans

Plus sized women are blessed with a long, full figure. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your body as there are a lot of women plus jeans you can shop for in many stores that can provide proper contour to your shape in all the right places. You should be able to flatter and accentuate your body with these few tricks:

Looking for plus size jeans

You might be challenged everytime you look for the perfect jean size that your body needs. Plus size jeans come in a variety of sizes. There’s the short but big figure, and there’s the tall but skinny figure.  If you’re the tall and big type, it’s even more difficult for you to find the right jeans as retailers don’t really carry these size due to a small percentage count of customers in the market.

Know the locations

Buying at stores or websites that wholeheartedly announce their special women plus jeans collections is a no brainer. You should know that this literally means buying at szs from 12 up. As the stores indicate, you won’t have to waste your time squeezing in to smaller fits in the fitting room. Once you can locate the shop, you can now have a plan.

Try as much pants as you choose

If you know of other women who has the exact size as you, try to get ideas from them and seek their advise. You can look at the internet for your favourite plus size celebrities and study what they wear and what brands of women plus jeans they usually go for so you will know which boutique or shop to visit and which models of jeans to try on and when you do, spend a little more extra time in trying on the jeans so you will be able to compare which one suits you best. It would be worth your money buying in branded stores like Calvin Klein or any other expensive stores for that matter, somewhere in the fifth avenue or something, rather than going for cheap ones that won’t give me the fit that I deserve. I personally won’t buy a pair of jeans if I wasn’t able to get hold of them in person. You will realize that whatever size or price you measure, it’s not the number that matters most but the real fit and comfort too. You don’t need to be ashamed that you got the XXL size as no one will know about it. It’s important that your friends or officemates can tell that you look lovely in that fit.

Do away from the flare type as much as possible

Buying women plus jeans always need a good eye. If you see one that happens to be on a great discount or on a bargain deal, it doesn’t always mean that you have to buy it immediately. You really have to carefully think if the size is perfectly divine to your body form. Having the right fit for you should equate to being sexy without sacrificing comfort when you wear it. Like for instance, you might want to avoid the flare type of jeans as they will only emphasize bigger legs and thighs, giving a false impression of a wider, fuller figure. The boot cut jeans or straight leg can better flatter your body.

Forget the low rise

            Medium rise may do you good but the low rise is never your friend. It will only put your body out of proportion.


Jeans that contain Lycra or cotton can really provide a good hug to accentuate your shape.

Add accessories

Don’t be ashamed to try on your fashionable side, or at least you think you may have. Pairing your jeans with the right contrasting colors for your accessories can go a long way.

When finally you got your dream women plus jeans, go ahead and put on a cute belt or a daring pair of heels or your favourite distressed jacket and throw your plus size blues in the garbage because now you know how to flatter your blessed figure.

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